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If you are in need of legal help in drafting an agreement, or if you would like legal advice as to the ramifications of you signing a particular contract, ZinnLaw provides you with sound advice that can only come from experience.

Providing Solutions for Agreements and Disputes

Let us help you draft an agreement or review a contract before you sign it. Protection of your rights and coverage of all possibilities are of primary importance. If a dispute arises, we will assist you in resolving it, or vigorously protect your position in litigation if necessary.

Sometimes contract disputes arise that call for strong legal action. This could involve real estate agreements, business contracts, or other types of agreements. If you are involved in a dispute, or if you believe that a party has not lived up to its end of the bargain, you can rely on us to provide you with the best solution to your particular situation.

What is a Fort Myers Contract Lawyer?

A contract lawyer is a lawyer who specializes in providing assistance with contracts whether business or individual to indivdual. They may be specially educated or experienced in certain areas of law and business. They have knowledge of contracts, contract requirements, and laws governing contracts in their area. Business contract attorneys often draft, review and negotiate business agreements for their clients.

What Does a Fort Myers Contract Lawyer Do?

The duties and responsibilities of a contract lawyer include drafting contracts, reviewing contracts and ensuring their clients’ rights are protected. Contract lawyers are experienced in the requirements of contracts and how to make sure they will be enforceable. These types of contracts must often include certain legal elements and language.

A contract lawyer will help a business or individual include the necessary terms needed for their business needs as well as include any legal language the individual may not know is necessary.

How Much Does a Fort Myers Contract Lawyer Cost?

Contract attorney rates vary based on the experience of the attorney at the facts of the case. There may be different fees for different parts of the process such as drafting, negotiation and breach of contract.


Do I Need a Fort Myers Contract Attorney?

Contracts can be complex documents. It is important to consult with an experienced contract lawyer, like Brian Zinn, during the drafting process and if any disputes arise out of the contract. An experienced contract attorney will assist with the drafting and review process.

A contract attorney can also ensure safeguards against complications, errors and/or misunderstandings within the contract. A contract attorney may also assist in preventing legal issues that arise from a poorly written contract and represent you in court if needed.

What does Civil Law refer to?

The primary difference between criminal cases and civil litigation is that in civil cases one or both of the parties are seeking financial or some other form of compensation rather than pressing criminal charges. For the most part, the prosecution in criminal cases represents the state in which the trial is taking place, but in civil cases both of the parties may represent themselves, with the assistance of a civil litigation attorney, like Brian Zinn.


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