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When is Litigation Your Only Option?

When you are in a dispute with someone it may seem like pursuing legal action is a scary direction in which to go. However, here at ZinnLaw in Fort Myers, FL, we want you to know that sometimes litigating in court is the only way to appropriately resolve the dispute. A legal battle is no small deal, and it can be difficult, but we have the experience to be able to tell you if it’s appropriate for you to do so.

You Need a Jury Decision

At ZinnLaw, we’ve found that if the specifics of your legal case are highly emotional, a jury decision might be to your advantage. Jury decisions are often desirable in consumer protection lawsuits, product liability cases that result in medical problems or illnesses, and similar cases. The well-known Erin Brockovich case involving Pacific Gas & Electric Company is a good example of a highly emotional case being decided by a jury.

When There’s A Lot at Stake

Litigating doesn’t make sense if you will spend $75,000 in legal fees and receive a $60,000 settlement. That’s why you can’t let emotions drive your decision to litigate. It must be an economic decision where you’ve weighed the cost of legal action with the potential relief you could receive. This is not a time to allow your principles to get in the way of good financial sense. Our experienced lawyers can help guide you through this process in the right direction for you. Every case is different, but we have precedent to be able to tell you what works best.

That said, there are some circumstances when the cost of litigation is lower than what’s at stake for your business. For example:

  1. Your reputation is at stake
  2. Your customers or employees are being taken
  3. Your ability to do business is hindered by a breach of contract
  4. Your business is impacted by a third party who refuses to stop their behavior

When Someone Else is at Risk of Harm

If a subcontractor you’ve hired to do work for a client has breached his or her obligation, litigation may be your only option. Unsatisfied clients put your company’s reputation at risk and can affect the long-term viability of your business. You don’t want to let your reputation be soiled because of someone else.

For example, say you’re a contractor building a home and the roofer you hired did not install the roof correctly. If the roofer won’t remedy the problem, you may have to seek a solution in the courts, so your client has a sound roof on the new home. Otherwise, you could face bigger legal and public relations consequences. At ZinnLaw we work with contractors and subcontractors on a daily basis and we can give you legal advice and provide the type of litigation that saves your reputation, and your relationship with your client.

When You Don’t Know Who to Sue

If you have a possible legal dispute with a business, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to reach decision-makers at large companies like banks, manufacturers and healthcare entities. Many times, your letters, emails and calls to companies go unreturned or are answered unsatisfactorily by someone in a marketing department with no power to remedy the matter. That’s when litigation can help. When you file a lawsuit, the issue reaches the higher-ups, who are usually urged by lawyers to resolve the matter rather than taking the case to court.

When it comes to litigation, you need to keep in mind that this tactic should be reserved for serious breaches of contract or matters that involve significant money. At ZinnLaw, we know that filing a lawsuit against a company should be the last resort after trying all other avenues to settle the dispute. You can trust us to give you the kind of legal advice that best serves you.