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To Litigate or Not, That is The Question

Every day, people and companies in Southwest Florida end up in litigation. While there are many reasons for it, in the end it comes down to the fact that they feel they are right about having been wronged by someone else, and they deserve to be compensated for it, or they are suing to make the other party quit doing something that harms them or their business in some way. At ZinnLaw, in Fort Myers, we can help provide you with strategic insight into why you may or may not want to choose to litigate in court to resolve your dispute. Here are a few examples of when litigation may be your best strategic choice.

When Being First is To Your Advantage

If someone threatens you that they are going to file a lawsuit, it may be to your advantage to file first. It’s a strategic move that positions you as the plaintiff instead of the defendant. If you and the other party have tried all viable means to settle the dispute and you know a lawsuit is coming, filing first can have tactical advantages. At ZinnLaw, we can advise you about your specific case, once we’ve gone over it with you.

When You Want to Set a Precedent

When it comes to the law, sometimes you want to set a precedent that will discourage similar claims in the future, and litigation may achieve that. If you win the case, you send a message to other parties that might try to sue you for a similar claim. It also shows you cannot be coerced into a settlement.

When You Want to Fix Public Policy 

It’s difficult to address public policies through legislative or policy-setting methods. The process is slow and requires expertise many don’t have. That’s why litigation can often achieve your goals. Litigating an issue can force the courts to look at a public policy. It’s also often a good tactic if a new public policy could harm your company and you don’t want to concede to the requirements.

When You’re in Doubt

When it comes to litigation, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why obtaining the services of a highly experienced attorney, like those at ZinnLaw, is the best thing to do for any legal dispute. If you’re not sure whether litigation is the right course of action, Give us a call for a free consultation, and we can guide you through your options.

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