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When it comes to hiring a law firm, it’s a good idea to hire one that can match your priorities. There are good reasons for hiring large law firms, and good reasons people want to hire single lawyer law firms, and of course there are good reasons to hire a lawyer at a boutique law firm. But to know if a firm matches the priorities you are looking for, you need to know what each type of legal firm provides. At ZinnLaw, we consider ourselves to be a boutique law firm, as such, we strive to meet your expectations in terms of the benefits a boutique firm can provide. Here are three of those benefits.

Legal Specialty services

Attorneys who work at boutique law firms are not jacks-of-all-trades. Rather, they are specialists who know a lot about a little, instead of a little about a lot. For example, if you’re looking for an attorney to help you file a bankruptcy, it’s best not to bring that to a firm that specializes in family law. They may have spent a lot of time in family court negotiating visitation arrangements, but they won’t know how to get creditors to stop harassing you. Instead, you should contact a boutique law firm like ZinnLaw, because one of our areas of practice is bankruptcy law. We’ve been doing bankruptcy law for a long time, and as such we can offer you the representation you need for your specific issue. Hiring an attorney who is knowledgeable and well-versed in a specific area of law is key to getting the outcome you seek. In some types of business, generalists can be successful, but when it comes to legal cases, experience counts.

Lower costs Than the Mega-Legal Firms

There may be a certain panache that comes with hiring a mega-firm to represent your interests, but there are also more costs. That’s because your case will help pay the overhead of the entire firm. You are also often paying for benefits and amenities you may never need. Boutique firms typically offer comparable services at less cost.

There are a number of reasons boutique law firms are more affordable than the mega-firms here in Southwest Florida. First, boutique firms can outsource business functions like accounting, marketing and human resources. By not maintaining these departments in-house, overhead costs are lower. Additionally, smaller firms have fewer administrative needs, so their operational expenses are lower. Boutique firms usually enjoy less turnover and greater employee stability. This also helps keep overhead costs low. For these reasons, boutique law firms usually cost about one-third less than a large firm with dozens of attorneys on staff. Savings are passed on to clients via smaller retainers and no minimums for billable hours. That means you’re not locked into paying a minimum number of hours for your case regardless of how many it actually requires.

Increased Flexibility

One of the great things about a boutique law firm is that our smaller size means we are more flexible. Whereas many large firms have specific parameters or chains of command that must be followed, boutique firms are often more flexible. This means we can move more quickly and also pivot our legal strategy more fluidly than a large firm. Ultimately, you get more bang for your buck and a better overall value.

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