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By their nature, boutique firms are smaller. Everyone at the office should know you, the details of your care and have a personal stake in its outcome. Attorneys at large firms juggle so many cases at once, clients often become nothing more than a name on paper. No client’s needs can truly be a priority because these attorneys have so many competing interests.

At a boutique law practice, the entire team is fully committed to your success. Your ZinnLaw team will:

  • Be less distracted
  • Be motivated to win for both you and the firm
  • Be invested in your case due to the firm’s reputation

While hiring a huge law firm to represent you may seem like the way to go, your case should get more attention by using a smaller, boutique firm. By going with a boutique firm like ZinnLaw, you’ll forge a closer relationship with your attorney and the practice’s staff.

Access to attorneys

When you pay a lawyer to represent your interest in a legal matter, you expect the lawyer to be available to you. Trying to track down an attorney who is busy climbing the corporate ladder can be especially frustrating.

Instead, you deserve an attorney who you can easily reach by phone or email. You shouldn’t have to wait days for a return call or text. Working with a smaller firm ensure your needs won’t be shoved to the side and your concerns will be addressed in a timely manner.

Litigation experience

If you’re involved in litigation, you need an experienced trial lawyer. Boutique firms often go to trial more often than larger firms. Therefore, boutique firms have a larger percentage of trial lawyers than these “Big Law” firms. The big guys try to settle out of court as much as possible, so their attorneys just don’t get time in a courtroom. Since boutique firms are in the courtroom more often, they have more familiarity with judges and understand how various jurisdictions’ court systems work. It’s a win-win for you if or when your case goes to trial.

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